Regular maintenance can help ensure your home looks its best for years to come. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things needed to keep your home in its best shape all year round. Save time and let us tackle all of the projects adding up on your to-do list – no matter how small or how large. All American Handyman® is an expert in maintenance and repairs and have the tools, skill set and years of experience in home/building improvement needed to tackle almost any project.

General maintenance type repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Wall A/C and Heaters Maintenance
  • Weatherproofing
  • Minor Concrete/ Masonry Repair
  • Install/Repair Furnishings
  • Dry Rot Repair
  • Tile Repair/Replacement
  • Trash Hauls
  • Leak Repair
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Interior/ Exterior Painting
  • Drywall Repair
  • Wallpaper Removal/Texturing
  • Staining/Refinishing
  • Power Washing Services
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning